NOOMAC File Manager

The NOOMAC File Manager is a simple, low cost, application designed to manage electronic files. It allows for multiple versions of files, has a simple effective access control mechanism, has a hierarchal catalogue facility which emulates a directory structure, has a comprehensive document and catalogue folder search facility and provides check-out check-in update control.

The application was developed using standard Microsoft© Windows products and comes in two flavours. The Small Office version uses a stand-alone client application and the Enterprise version is a client-server application. The Enterprise version uses Web API and can be used for access over the internet.

  NOOMAC File Manager
Easy to use graphical user interface
Centralized storage of document files
Version control of documents
Document multi-entry catalogue
Access control to documents and to catalogue folders
Document meta-data storage. Description, Title, Keywords etc
Document and catalogue search facility

The Windows Explorer© like user interface combined with extensive on-line help makes
the NOOMAC File Manager extremely simple to use and to administer.